Weakened Red Bulls lose in Bolzano
Friday, 03. November 2023 |
Weakened Red Bulls lose in Bolzano Young Salzburg team loses with 0:3// win2day ICE Hockey LeagueEC Red Bull Salzburg was beaten 3-0 by HCB Südtirol Alperia in the away game of the win2day ICE Hockey League with a significantly rejuvenated squad.
The Red Bulls played a courageous game, but lost out to the strong Bolzano offense today. The Red Bulls had to make do without ten sick professionals, including captain Thomas Raffl and both goalkeepers, who were replaced by players from the Red Bull Hockey Juniors team. Simon Wolf, a 19-year-old German goalkeeper, made his professional debut. His backup was 20-year-old Salzburg academy goalkeeper Thomas Pfarrmaier. It was also the debut in the ICE Hockey League for the young Finn Kalle Myllymaa, who had already made one CHL appearance with the Red Bulls. The other Juniors were David Cernik, Devin Steffler, Maximilian Wurzer and Lukas Hörl.
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Statement Ben Cooper
Game recap The game began on an even keel, initially going back and forth. Gradually, both teams increased the intensity with the first good shots on goal. Peter Hochkofler had the best chance in the power play at the left post (9.), but the shot went wide. Simon Wolf then saved from Brad McClure (11). Bolzano took the lead in the 12th minute, Daniel Mantenuto was on hand with the rebound. After that, the home side's attacks became more massive and Salzburg's defense had more to do, but held firm. Florian Baltram finally had the equalizer on his stick at the right post (19th), but Bolzano goalie Gianluca Vallini fished the disc away from him at the last moment. Bolzano led 1:0 after 20 minutes.
The pressure from the home side increased noticeably in the second period. The Red Bulls barely got out of their defensive zone in the first few minutes - defenders Chay Genoway, Devin Steffler and Lukas Schreier played in attack - and gave Bolzano too much space at times. Tim Harnisch had Salzburg's first chance with a solo run through the defense, but his backhand finish was not compelling enough (28'). Then the Italians struck, Mike Halmo scored from an acute angle after a rebound to give them a 2:0 lead (29'). Only then were the Red Bulls able to open up the game again and become dangerous. However, Peter Schneider and Ryan Murphy's shots from distance were no problem for Gianluca Vallini, while the Bolzano side also had a shot on target, with Simon Wolf making a good save. The score remained 2:0 after 40 minutes.
The pressure remained high in the final third, with Simon Wolf repeatedly taking center stage. In the 46th minute, he saved a great chance for the home side with Mike Halmo after a 2-on-1 counter-attack. However, he was unable to do anything about another 2-on-1 counter-attack with Daniel Mantenuto (48') when he shot into the corner of the net despite a strong performance overall. In the 52nd minute, the Red Bulls came close to scoring their first goal during a 90-second 5-on-3 overtime spell, but were also unable to break through the tight defense in a number of penalty situations. The Red Bulls continued to try everything in the final phase, but were unable to overcome the strong Bolzano goalkeeper today and ultimately lost 3-0 despite a game with a lot of effort.
The Game in Pictures
Associate Coach Ben Cooper
"It was a tough game, but our boys fought and wanted the win. There were no excuses, they pulled together and supported each other. But it wasn't enough against Bolzano today. The boys still did a good job, especially Simon Wolf in goal, who got a lot of shots. We are glad that we had them in our team."
win2day ICE Hockey League HCB Südtirol Alperia - EC Red Bull Salzburg 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1:0)
Goals: 1:0 | 11:50 | Daniel Mantenuto 2:0 | 28:27 | Mike Halmo 3:0 | 47:31 | Daniel Mantenuto
Spectators: 3,202
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