Red Bulls force 4:3 overtime win against Graz
Sunday, 17. September 2023 |
Red Bulls force 4:3 overtime win against GrazDeserved 2 points after comeback | Phillip Sinn with premiere goal // win2day ICE Hockey LeagueEC Red Bull Salzburg won their win2day ICE Hockey League home game against Moser Medical Graz99ers 4-3 after overtime, coming back from a 2-goal deficit in a strong final period.
It was a hard piece of work, but in the end also hard earned. After goals from Peter Schneider, Phillip Sinn with his first Bundesliga goal and Benjamin Nissner, Dennis Robertson scored in overtime to secure a 5-point weekend for Salzburg at the start of the new ICE Hockey League season.
Highlights EC Red Bull Salzburg vs. Moser Medical Graz99ers
Recap The Red Bulls immediately took over the game and pressed for the goal in the opening minutes. However, Graz goalkeeper Lars Volden was prepared and let everything bounce off him. Florian Baltram (2nd), Peter Schneider (4th) or Thomas Raffl (9th) on the power play already had top chances. David Kickert in the Salzburg goal was on the post in the first shots of the guests, as well as in the solo run of Ken Ograjensek (14.) in the shorthanded. But on the second breakaway of the guests (18th) he had to admit defeat, Taylor Matson fixed the Graz 1:0 break lead with a shorthander, which flattered the guests, because also in the final phase the Red Bulls had further opportunities on the stick.
Again, the Red Bulls started brilliantly into the second period, but initially brought themselves behind with penalties, with David Kickert being a bench. Barely five men on the ice, the Salzburgers dictated the game, but could not find the gap against the tightly packed visitors' defense for a long time. Until the 36th minute, when Peter Schneider scored the highly deserved equalizer after a counterattack with Tim Harnisch on the side. After that, however, the guests took advantage of a renewed power play, Gustav Bouramman scored from the blue line without visibility for David Kickert (37th). After a penalty-ridden second period, the Red Bulls had to go into the dressing room trailing 2-1, but had enough chances to even the score.
Despite a strong start in the final period, the Red Bulls were again caught in a counterattack in the 44th minute, which Patrik Kittinger completed after a solo to give Graz a 3:1 lead. The Salzburgers continued to swirl through the offensive zone and then the hour of 19-year-old Phillip Sinn struck, who in his second professional game fixed his first goal via rebound (47th). Only three minutes later Benjamin Nissner scored with a lot of traffic in front of the goal with his skate outside the goal area to equalize 3:3 (50th). Despite power play-like play by the Red Bulls in the final five minutes, overtime had to decide the game and that's when Dennis Robertson hammered the disc into the net from distance with the penalty shown, securing the Red Bulls a well-deserved extra point.
Statements Oliver David & Benjamin Nissner
Benjamin Nissner "We were in the penalty box way too many times. We have to get a handle on that because at 5 vs. 5 we dominated them. But we were confident even in the final period with the deficit that we could win the game. With two wins from the first two games, we can be satisfied."
win2day ICE Hockey League EC Red Bull Salzburg - Moser Medical Graz99ers 4:3 (0:1, 1:1, 2:1) OT
Goals: 0:1 | 17:43 | Taylor Matson | SH 1:1 | 35:36 | Peter Schneider 1:2 | 36:36 | Gustav Bouramman | PP 1:3 | 43:43 | Patrik Kittinger 2:3 | 46:58 | Phillip Sinn 3:3 | 49:48 | Benjamin Nissner 4:3 | 62:58 | Dennis Robertson
spectators: 1.317
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